Hi, thanks for visiting my website! 
I try to have fun with every client I photograph. Getting your photos taken can be an awkward uncomfortable experience, I understand. My job is to make you feel relaxed and natural. I really enjoy meeting and talking to new people every day. 
My studio is a large space that was above hardware store when I bought it in 1987. I have many different "sets" that I have built over the years so very little time is spent moving things around and more time can be spent taking photos. I change sets and props almost daily. All of Philadelphia out my front door.   Having so many different locations in my studio and a wide variety of lighting equipment lets me be creative and gives my clients a huge variety of photography styles.
I also enjoy working on location!

If you have any questions about my services please contact us.

You can also see "me" (actually R.D. Robb playing me) on The GOLDBERGS, Season 4, episode 15, "So Swayze it's crazy"

I had the honor of being interviewed by George Bruno. Here are the resulting videos.

George Bruno Interview with Photographer Paul Sirochman PART 1   George Bruno Interview with Photographer Paul Sirochman PART 3