How to Order

  1. Select the photos for purchase

    Tip: Save favorites when going through your photos for the first time

  2. Click the BUY button a price list will appear with all of the choices available for the photo.
    1. The first choice is an 8x10
    2. The second choice is an 8x10 with your name on it, available for $10.00 additional    
      1. Provide the exact spelling of name, where to put name-left , center, or right on bottom of photo,  all capitals or capitals and small letters and font. Font options are:
        1. Times New Roman or TIMES NEW ROMAN
        2. Gil Sans or GIL SANS
        3. Garamond Premier or GARAMOND PREMIER
      2. Provide instructions for name in instruction box under "download of retouched image" during checkout. Just click on "none" next to the word instructions and a box will appear for you to type in.
  3. Cropping:  We do not crop anything in the photo unless you tell me in the instruction box. The photo will come to you in its entire image as an 8x10 with a white border and black line around photo-see examples on our portfolio page. 5x7 photos will be cropped to proportion. If you would like to crop the shot then tell me in the instruction box; don't use the cropping guidelines, they are not proportional
  4. Viewing your cart: when you look at your cart you will see 2 orders for each print you have selected. One order is the print, the other is the download of the file. When you receive notice that your order is approved and being processed you will receive an email directing you to the download page to get your file. This is very important!!! Download your retouched files as soon as possible. They are available for 1 month. The file is like a negative-you need it to email and/or reproduce the photo.
  5. When you get to the payment page you will use the coupon code we gave you at session. Please hit enter after you type in the code or it will not work.
  6. If you would like to order multiple copies of the same photo select that option after you order the first copy at original prices.                
  7. If you still have trouble email me the cart. Look at top of order page to see "email cart". I will try to figure your order out for you.